14 April 2016

Something new and something else for Fargo Marathon

The organizers of the Fargo Marathon as not struggling for ideas on how to expand the brand and participation.
The Furgo Dog Run has been added this year to cater to the growing number of canine runners. Well, maybe it is more for the owners of those canines who like to run with their furry friends. The 1.6 mile race is set for Tuesday of race week, which is really stretching Fargo Marathon's pawprint over the entire week. I cannot say that I know of many pet runs out there but this may definitely be a good move considering the amount of cash that Americans shell out for their pets. The event also has a mascot, MJ, who apparently is training for the event. MJ has been mum on the topic since the end of March.
The 2nd addition to the races this year is the Cyclothon. On Monday May 16 bicyclers will be able to do the marathon course and receive a shirt and medal. However, you need to finish the course in under 2.5 hours. Sounds like a strenuous bike ride. In previous years I have biked a vast majority of the course without it being an race event. It is an interesting venture and perhaps may stir a bit of interest in future bike races or bike-a-thons.
And finally the Fargo Marathon will be a drug free race. Actually it has always been one and open to random drug tests by USA Track and Field. The local paper brought to light that the 2014 men's marathon winner had been associated with a coach who is under investigation for alleged doping of the runners she coached. Race director Mark Knutson and 2008 winner Eric Sondag both doubted that the runner in question, Peter Kemboi, had used performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) to win the race noting that the prize money and the cost of  PEDs did not make financial sense. I believe the top prize for race winners is about $1500.
And on another note, Will Ferrell has still not signed up for the Fargo Marathon. Neither has Mike Farrell of MASH fame.

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