A Fall day at the Granite City Train Show

Granite City O Gaugers layout
Earlier this month- November 14th to be exact- I partook of a train show in St Cloud, MN.
The Granite City Train show is a twice yearly event at the St. Cloud Armory. One show is in fall and the other is in spring. This show brings in quite a number of both train enthusiasts and vendors. I would suggest that this is the biggest train show between the Twin Cities and Winnipeg and quite possibly Western Washington. Most scales were present along with much railroad collectibles and antiques. I think I even saw some standard gauge track for sale. But saw good amount of rusty or old track which I do not need. My friend and I tend to look for salvageable operating equipment in O scale. There was a modest amount at this show.
This was my third time attending the show.My sub-mission for this show was to acquire more items for scenicing my dormant layout. I came out with quite an assortment which I will post later. In this post I show some of the layouts that were on display at the show.

Kids train area
I like that this show has set aside an area for kids to play with wooden trains and an electric train layout as seen above. Kids these days hardly see this hobby so it is beneficial to let them see and touch. I think by doing that stimulates the imagination. And that is what keeps model railroading going- plenty of imagination.
N scale layout
I acquired a bunch of Kato N scale track for really cheap. I have a few N cars and an engine. An N scale layout is in the distant future. However and temporary layout for a show might be possible.
HO scale layout

My first electric train was an HO Campbell's Soup outfit made by Life-Like. I eventually made a larger layout on some boards. I had a some buildings but very little in the way of scenery. Although I did have a rudimentary block system to control multiple trains.


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