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My railyard is dormant
 My layout has been dormant for quite some time. I redid the configuration but have yet to re-lay the track or do a power overhaul. I have also been looking for 42" turnouts and K-line switches. There are a few engines waiting to be run. I really want to get it up and running again before Christmas

Dalton O-Gauge layout
Visited the Dalton Threshing Reunion a few weeks ago. The smell of steam abounded. They have a little 2 foot gauge steam engine on the grounds that gets plenty of runs in during the weekend. There is also an area for model trains. The Spud Valley club brings their HO modular layout and then there is another guy with a small American Flyer layout. A large O gauge layout fills out the rest of the room along with a few tables of leftover HO pieces that must have been donated. The O layout is pretty bare for now- just a big double loop and some buildings here and there and particle board landscaping. No fancy Lionel accessories adorn the layout and the trains running were fairly common models albeit with Union Pacific markings.  
Model of Great Northern Dalton depot
The one building I had not seen previously was a model of the Dalton depot. The prototype is actually on the show grounds and serves as the station for the Milton Martinson- the 2 ft gauge steam engine. The model is pretty good. The layout has a lot of possibilities and I hope in future years to see some updates.
American Flyer fun


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