The time to say turkey nears

The great turkey trotter
To explain Thanksgiving to someone alien to the American (and Canadian) custom can be a bit odd since the holiday is most noted by the food.
"We go to relatives and eat turkey, mash potatoes, gravy, and cranberries."
"Ah....why turkey? Would not prime rib be an ideal entree?"
"Turkeys are American."
"So are hot dogs."
"We eat those on July 4th."
Menu is not prescribed for the holiday and turkey just became the de facto menu item. Although some may contend that turkey was consumed at the 1st American Thanksgiving in 1621 and so why buck the trend. I heard they also served lobster and oysters in 1621- but nobody is probably serving that to the family this Thursday.

And of course we do not race turkeys. With so many early Thanksgiving morning "turkey trot" races out there somebody must believe Americans race the birds they on Thanksgiving. But I sort of like the idea. It would be kinda like the running of the bulls but much safer. 

Anyways, time to plug the Thanksgiving pageant from ages ago that thanks to the internet can be shared by the whole world.
I believe this marks the 20th anniversary of the KUMM Thanksgiving Pageant.
While in college in 1994, I wrote a sort of ridiculous radio play about Thanksgiving that was performed on air on the college station in Morris, MN. It was never repeated again.
That was until I unearthed a rare recording of it and then posted it online for Thanksgiving.
So I hope you enjoy and in doing so become thankful.


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