Journey to the center of North America: part 8

Way back in July 2010 the Man of 3 Names and I set out from Grand Forks, ND on bicycles to sojourn to the Center of North America (Rugby.) I do not recall much from this part of the trip except my rear tire was causing me problems endlessly. However, now the conclusion of our journey.

Barn in ND countryside
Waking in a hotel was not my intention but it felt good. Moreover they did have breakfast- and what the construction workers did not devour earlier in the morn, I ate. I think 3 Names had some too but I am not sure.
Before heading out we stopped at K-Mart a picked up a patch kit for my tire. They did not have a replacement tube for a 700x35 presta.
Back on US-2 we made good time until I had another flat. I repaired the flat next to a round bale and we were on our way again. The shoulders were wider this side of Devil's Lake but the traffic was much heavier.
We lunched in Michigan City and I noted that they grocery store was part of a complex that included a cafe, post office, and the high school. We made use of the city hall's bathroom and water spout.
Somewhere further alone US 2 we decided to take the back roads. I am not sure why but I think it was because the shoulder disappeared again. I rode on some low volume paved roads and a few newly graveled roads. At that point the rear tire was causing me trouble again. I just could not keep it a optimum inflation. It seemed like every 20 minutes I needed to attend to pumping up the tire.
Our route took north of the Air Force Base and airport and through some wildlife production areas until we reached the outskirts of Grand Forks. At this point the tire valve broke and I could not keep air in it any longer. So I parted company with 3 Names in North Grand Forks along the railroad tracks at near dusk. The plan was that he would return with his truck once he got home.
It took about an hour but 3 names returned and I loaded the bike into the back of the pick-up and we drove to his home. No truimphant entry this time. After some chat and  recollection of our journey, I loaded the bike and gear into my car and departed for home.


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