Ugly Online Ads Ride Again

I have been on a hiatus of sorts after getting married. I am mostly internetless except for the Twitterverse. (@suspect_bill)
Now we are rushing towards the holidays and so I bring you a few uglies from the last few months.

TrendMicro joins the fray with this one which may be photoshopped a bit to give the gal a bit more shock and awe. I am unsure why she is so shocked or is portraying a "Nooo Face." I guess is that a virus infiltrated her computer and sent gritty e-mails to all her business contacts.

Columbia Sportswear brings us an entry of a woman with a similar reaction but a bit more provactive. It seems to suggest that this lady has been thrown out naked in the cold with only the jacket to keep her warm. Her stance also seems to suggest she may be going into labor- or perhaps she has already been in labor and gave birth to the jacket.

 The RealAge people really knew that this type of ad would draw many to their services to determine just how old you really are or is it how tired you are. But at a quick glance I would be greatly confounded as to what information this sleep deprived lady would like us to find out.

I wonder if these ads will ever get people to find the solution to not sleeping is actually not looking for these ads. This one is rather unusual albeit somewhat related to the product. But what's with the giant ear protection? If I needed to fall asleep I would never use that pair.

This one is truly ugly and obviously unrelated to mortgages. And why is the trick so ridiculously easy? It is probably easier to wear an ugly shirt and do a little dance than pay off your mortgage in half the time. And just what is in the background of that photo?

Our final entry is indeed in the ugly category up to the neck. This wild woman appears to have picked up some nasty skin disease that I doubt the best wrinkle creams will be able to clear up. She may have had to fight her way out of captivity. But of course it is nothing a good photoshop bath can clear up- that is if we can catch her.


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