Vrooming along again

Well, there haven't been any updates for weeks. Pitful, I know.
But here's what happened in short summary since Memorial Day.
1. Went on my adventure hiking trip on the North Country Trail in 2 different locations. One near Remer, MN and the other in the BWCA on The Kek. The whole Kekekabic Trail is enough for another post so I'll not drop the details here. To say the least, that trail kicked my butt.
2. The following weekend involved traveling to 3 different locales. I went to a wedding in Mo-town and then watched a triathlon in Buffalo. My MFG was competing in it. I should post stuff on that later. It was really cool.
3. I forgot what happened the following weekend. I remember seeing my MFG and shopping.
4. The next weekend was the annual pilgrimage to the car show with the Green Hornet, the family's 1951 Pontiac Chieftain. I went down on Thursday and had to return on Saturday because I needed to do music the next day. It was a long weekend that ended with some time at the Texas Roadhouse and talking about Willie Nelson. Below is a new and improved 1957 Chevy from the car show.
5. To top it all off, work has been very busy the last 2 months. Hardly a moment goes by without something needing to be archived or updated or transferred.
Well that's it for now. I know there are more marathon beards and probably a car show report and eventually the Kek story and perhaps I'll finish up the bike trip from last year.


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