Tour de Valli: Stage 5.5 In Jamestown

Being larger than I expected, I was a bit disorientated once I got into the downtown. The James River, which runs through town, had flooded this spring and dikes were still standing. The James apparently is the longest un-navigatible river in the world. At least that's what the wiki says. I think you could probably canoe many of the 710 miles.
I wanted to get a camping spot firest and then look around town. However, I ended up looking for a camping spot not knowing where I would find one.

I had originally planned to camp at a primitive place north and west of town but I too scant notes to be able to find it. I tried a city park, McElroy Park. I went further east. No go. I used the Nuvi and it began to take me west. I climbed another hill, passed the Super Wal-Mart, then got directed down a dirt road where I proceeded to wipe out fall over the front handlebars due to the new gravel. I wasn't hurt, but frustrated. I continued down the road until it turned into a prairie road. This campground was sure far from town I thought. Finally Nuvi directed me back near 94. I decided to give up and try at the Pioneer Village where I knew I saw a camping sign.
The Pioneer Village camp area is mostly RVs. I saw only a small path where I would consider pitching a tent.
Darkness descended as I inquired at the adjacent bar about camping. I paid $10 and was instructed to set camp on a grassy patch between the RVs. I never found this spot. Neither did those tenting adajacent to me that evening. I just put up the tent on the grass area at far end and then opened the 2 Mike's Hard Cranberry Lemonades I acquired while meandering through town.
The Pioneer Village area happened to be just above McElroy Park where I had been earlier. I did a lot of biking (and falling) for naught. I went to bed after viewing a few impromptu fireworks shows in the city below.


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