Saints alive, a crook captures sainthood long after his death

Have you heard of Jesús Malverde? Neither had I until I read this article.
Apparently Mexican folklore has made him out to be a saint. Granted he probably did some good things and maybe even just things but I doubt those make you a saint. But in Mexico apparently this Robin Hood-like person has unofficially become a patron saint of crime and drug traffickers. There is even doubt he even existed.
Nonetheless a shrine has been erected at Culiacáno which receives a lot of traffic. Drug dealers and the poor alike come to ask for Malverde's blessing, which troubles me a bit. The poor need better hope- not someone with a cloudy story of crime. I'm sure some may argue he was just trying to fight injustice in the Mexican state of Sinaloa. It screams ethical dilemma. Where are the good guys being good guys?


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