500th posting

I lament that this is the 500th post of the Royce Files. Why? Well, I think I could have done much more. Granted I am not the most prolific of bloggers nor does my wit astound many. I guess its that cliche "old man" lament that I wish I could have ______ (fill in the blank).
Here's two I could have filled in the blank with:
Gone to the Olympics
Either as an athlete, journalist, or volunteer, I would have loved to have been at a winter or summer games. Granted I may still have time on this wish but my athletic prowess has dwindled. Preparing for a marathon is tough enough. I guess I regret not really incorporating much sport into my life between high school and after college. My greatest claim would being the overall winner of the pentathlon in junior high. Those were my greatest years on the track and in the field. It was only recently that I converted myself into a distance runner with much work.
Journalism and volunteering appeals to me because I get to be part of more the action. I would get to see the whole picture and tell (and see) the numerous stories. A good one- the other day, Afghanistan won its first medal ever. I admit I get Olympic fever. It invigorates me how sport becomes a transcending language. And how gymnastics, swimming, diving, rowing, speed skating, figuire skating, and skiing garner our attention for a few weeks. Just last night I was pulled in to watching the BMX supercross event. When will we see these sports more than just at Olympic time?
Took more opportunities in college
I guess in college I spent a great deal of time as part of one group which ceased to exist after I graduated. I look back and wonder if it was time well spent. I am not counting the prayer or discipleship components because this was a "religious" organisation which were meaningful and worthwhile. However, the time devoted to meetings and events and the administration took much time yet made little return on the investments. People may argue the experience was worthwhile but I did the same things with other groups. I definitely could have used the time to study better. I could have studied abroad. Or perhaps found an internship which would have given me a jump on work experience. Maybe I could have been part of the soccer club or wrote for the newspaper. I got my degree and then struggled to find a job which I enjoyed and was considered qualified. But then again I was a dual core. In college straddled 2 disciplines- science and arts. I wonder if I was good at either.
Yet, in retrospect, I don't regret these decisions. Still I ponder which method is ideal: break the doors down or let the doors open themselves; agressive pursuit or one day at a time.


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